Friday, November 19, 2010


There is a lovely tradition here in Italy that when a baby is born a ribbon, blue for boys and pink for girls, is hung on the outside of the family's front door to announce the birth. I love walking around the city and spotting these ribbons. It always makes me smile to know that there is a happy new family inside that building celebrating the joy of a new life. I love the pride, joy and great hugeness and wonder of what a new baby's life will become that is all respresented in a simple ribbon.

One month ago today a new, little person entered this world and my life. My friend, Caitlin, had a son and I became an auntie. Welcome to the world little one. I cannot wait to watch you grow and learn. Your life will be full of fun and adventures (I can gurantee this last part because I have lived with your mom before). I wish all the best in the whole wide world to this new little family.

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