Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sweet Sunday

There is so much amazing produce at the farmer's market right now! Out of everything available strawberries and asparagus are definitely tied for the number one spot of most purchased.

This weekend I decided to make jam out of some of the strawberries

The jam is super easy to make and so much more delicious than anything you could find at the store. I roughly followed the recipe here (I highly reccomend checking out The Kitchen Sink blog, where I found this recipe, - it has become my go to for new recipes).

But in the end I could not stop at jam...I needed a vehicle, a vessel for the jam so I made this

Strawberry tart!

I did not have enough dough or pastery skills to make a lattice top hence the cookie cutter heart topping. The flavor was really nice - a perfect balance of sweet and hint of tartness that kept it light.

I am looking forward to making many more of these tarts as the various summer fruits come into season and I am sure Andrea will not mind as this tart is nearly gone after only two days.


Abrad said...

The strawberry tart looks delicious. I have still not made it to the Farmer's Market and I've lived here for over 3 years. Take me with you next time!

Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh that looks so good!!