Saturday, December 25, 2010


This was the first year in a long time that I had a Christmas tree. It was fun to decorate it and it brought back memories of childhood and searching and hunting for the perfect branch on which to place each ornament. This guys branches proved to be a little tricky because most of them face up, instead of out, but I think he turned out pretty cute, even if a little Charlie Brownish. Also, here in Italy they do not sell cut trees like in the US so Andrea has already been scouting out places where we can plant this guy when we are done with him. (And yes, that is our pizza dinner all ready for us on the table - after literally hours of decorating I was hungry!).

I don't have a tree topper so I improvised with this little guy. I think he worked out pretty well. Also, notice Andrea's, very patriotic, Christmas Eve morning surprise.

We bought this ornament earlier this month at the Christmas Market in Innsbruck. It is the first ornament I have here that has a special story and meaning behind it.

This guy is another purchase from the Christmas Market in Innsbruck. He caught my eye immediately on the first night we were there so we brought him home and we call him Furry Santa.

We have, somewhat unknowingly, become cup collectors and although it sounds kind of dorky and weird I really like it. The mugs, with the exception of the one from the Sagra Del Tartufo, are all from various Christmas Markets we visited this year and last. It is one of my favorite things, to go to a Christmas Market on a cold night and get a mug full of steamy Vin Brulee (mulled wine) and walk around the snow covered market admiring the decorations, ornaments and other goods. It always makes me feel as though I am walking through the pages of a storybook.

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