Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rovinj, Croatia

The city of Rovinj, Croatia

The city of Rovinj (Rovigno, in Italian) use to be an island that sat right off the coast, as you can tell in the above picture, the space has since been filled in and it is now connected to the mainland. The city is a winding labyrinth of narrow streets leading up the hill to a large church. We enjoyed wandering around and finding the hidden treasures of the city.

St. Euphemia Parish

like these small alleyways that led straight into the sea
a restaurant without a ceiling
lounging cats

and beautiful, narrow homes

We were very lucky and ended up renting an apartment in the middle of the historical city center. I loved living among the locals and being able to go inside one of the very narrow apartment buildings.

This was our apartment building. Can you see the stairway in the back leading to the front door? Our apartment was on the top floor!
P.S. I was thrilled to see that this was the entryway to our apartment. Andrea, maybe not so much.

Our downstairs neighbor
the view from our apartment

We also had many excellent meals, including local cheeses and lots of delicious seafood (my favorite was the grilled squid which we had several times), in beautiful spots.

A yummy lunch of melon, cured meats, cheese, and olives on the beautiful, back patio of a small restaurant right on the water. At the end of the meal I fed the rest of our bread to the hundreds of small fish in the water and the eagerly awaiting seagulls - not environmentally correct, I know, but really fun.

our table on the rocks
you cannot beat that view

One night we had dinner on the rocks next to the sea. When we sat down there were still people jumping off the rocks into the water.

we had front row seats for the stunning sunset

Rovinj is a perfect place for a long weekend getaway from Bologna. I look forward to going back and enjoying the crystal clear water, the yummy food, and the quaint, historical old center.

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