Saturday, October 9, 2010


A few random shots from our recent weekend trip to Firenze...

Ponte Vecchio with a little Venezia flair

Gelato for breakfast - always a good idea!

this was a lovely side room in the gelatoria with molti vini and other fun local products

We had our second (and real) breakfast at a cafe on the main piazza, Piazza della Signoria. It was fun to people watch and see the groups of tourists from all over the world. It was especially fun not to be one of those tourists but to be more of a local.

Another shot from Piazza della Signoria

Look at that room! Isn't it amazing? What would you use it for? I would make it into a super, cozy reading nook complete with a collection of wine and also a hot water heater and a selection of delicious teas (and of course elegant wine glasses and the perfectly, perfect large, round tea mugs).

This place had me and Andrea in stictches....translated it means Pharmacy of the Wild Boar


M. L. Benedict said...

Wonderful pictures.

Ayanna said...

I love Florence! Everytime we go we find something new.

carol sorvig said...

Thank you Alex for doing this. I am adding many places to my list to visit when I finally get a chance to come to Italy! I love your adventuresome spirit!